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8327G052 EF8327G052 ASCO 8327 Series Direct Operated Explosion Proof Solenoid Valves

8327 Series Direct Operated Solenoid Valves
  • 8327G052 EF8327G052
  • ASCO

1. Product Name: 8327G052 EF8327G052 ASCO 8327 Series Direct Operated Explosion Proof Solenoid Valves

2. Quality Standards

The company for the products are brand new original products, no second-hand and refurbished products, or leave a compensable ten and return the full amount, but the buyer due to our purchase of model error is not responsible for returns, another of the company's sales of products enjoy one year from the date of shipment quality assurance, according to the original quality standards, during warranty with product problems, need confirmation testing by the manufacturer, the supplier to be solved, the demand side due to storage, use, poor maintenance caused by lower-quality product, and not raise objections.

3. Product show


4. Solenoid Enclosures

Standard: Watertight, Types 1, 2, 3, 3S, 4, and 4X.

Optional: Explosionproof and Watertight, Types 3, 3S, 4, 4X, 6, 6P, 7, and 9.

(To order, add prefix “EF” to catalog number)

See Optional Features Section for other available options.

5. Features

• Welded core tube provides higher pressure ratings

• Reliable, proven design with high flows

• Small poppet valves for tight shutoff

• Wide range of elastomers for specialty service applications

• Mountable in any position

• Tapped mounting holes in body standard

6. Nominal Ambient Temp. Ranges

The nominal limitation of 32°F (0°C) is advisable for any valve that might contain moisture (water vapor). 

AC: -13˚F to 131˚F (-25˚C to 55˚C)

DC: -13˚F to 104˚F (-25˚C to 40˚C)

-13˚F to 131˚F (-25˚C to 55˚C)

Note: Max ambient for explosionproof (EF) is 125˚F (52˚C) for AC, 131˚F (55˚C) for DC.

Optional: For AC, the max. ambient temperature is 140˚F (60˚C) with Class H coil (with or without prefix EF) Refer to Engineering Section for details.

7. Approvals

CSA certified. UL listed, as indicated. Safety Shutoff Valves FM approved. Meets applicable CE directives.

Refer to Engineering Section for details.

8. Options

Mounting bracket (suffix MB)

Quarter-turn manual operator with screw slot (suffix MS)

Panel mount (prefix GP for conduit; consult ASCO for other electrical connections)

Vacuum service (suffix VVM, VVH; see Vacuum Section for more details.)

Oxygen service (suffix N)

Silicone Free (suffix SF) 

Elastomers: Viton (suffix V), Ethylene Propylene (suffix E), Neoprene (suffix J), Teflon (suffix T), Low Temp NBR (suffix A)

Note: For suffix A, Fluid temp. range -40˚F to 167˚F only for valves with 10.1, 17.1, 11.6, and 22.6 watt coils.

Refer to Engineering Section for fluid and temperature compatibility.



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