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AE1462B020 AE1460B Autel Diaphragm Valves 2.5” Aluminium Pulse Valve

1. Material: Aluminium
2. Temperature: -20 °C~ 85 °C
  • AE1462B020
  • Autel

1. Product name: AE1462B020 AE1460B Diaphragm Valves Valve 1 inch Aluminium Pulse Valve

2. General specification

Static Operation: Normally closed  

Temperature: -20 °C +100 °C  

Max Pressure: 8 Bar  

Connection: Threaded  

Material: Die cast aluminium  

Pilot: Brass  

Fluid: Filtered air not lubricated

3. General Description

The Threaded Connection series is a range of  electrovalves used for cleaning filter elements in air  filtration system. The characteristic of this model is  the female threaded connection (both in output and  input). The quick opening with a great volume of air  allows an high jet in a short time and a reduced air  consumption. All That is achieved from a deep  studying of internal geometrical characteristics  and from a technological research on  diaphragm. This guarantees rapid openingclosing and a working for over a million of shots.  

4. Electric specification

Connector: Pg9 IP65  

Conn.Insulation class: C-VDE 0110  

Connector specification: Din 43650 – IS0 4400  

Voltages: 230-150-24 V / 50-60 HZ AC  24 V DC  

Power Absorption: 17 VA AC / 17 W DC

5. Order code

Order code

6. Drawing


7. Product show



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