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Automatic Drain Valve

The Spirax Sarco Automatic Drain Valve (ADV) has been designed to remove condensate from low points in a compressed air system where automatic drainage is required. The mentioned condensate is a mixture of water, petroleum or synthetic based oil, system particulants and dirt.

Principle Features
- Adjustable “on” and “off” cycle times
- Low power consumption
- Bright LED lights indicating operational status.
- Cycle test button
- Brass body with FKM elastimers for both petroleum and synthetic based oils.
- Simple reliable construction.
- Easy serviceability with Strainer Ball Valve.

The ADV can be installed at any low point in a compressed air system where condensate forms or is collected. Applications include: after coolers, separators, receivers, compressor accumulators, large filter units, drain legs, etc. TI-P509-07 illustrates some typical applications.


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