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Goyen 3" Pulse Valve CA76MM010-300 CA76MM010-305 Seals Nitrile O-ring

1. Material: Nitrile
2. Port size: 3"
  • K7600
  • Goyen

1. Product Name: Goyen 3" Pulse Valve CA76MM010-300 CA76MM010-305 Seals Nitrile O-ring

2. Suitable for

Goyen 3" "T" series pulse jet vavle CA-76T or "MM" series CA-76MM

3. Description

High performance diaphragm valve with threaded ports. Available with integral pilot or as remotely piloted valve. Outlet at 90° to inlet.

4. Drawing

5. Operation
Recommended on time range: 50-500ms
Recommended time between pulses: 1 minute or greater


6. Approvals
Integrally piloted valves meet the requirements of:
1. C-Tick
2. EMC (89/336/CE)
3. ATEX II 3 G & D (94/9/CE) (when fitted with QR or QF type solenoids)
7. Installation
1. Prepare supply and blowtube pipes to suit valve specification. Avoid installing valves underneath the tank.
2. Ensure tank and pipes are free from dirt, rust or other particulate.
3. Ensure supply air is clean and dry.
4, Mount valves to inlet pipes and blowtube to valves, ensuring no excess thread sealant can enter the valve itself.
5. Make electrical connections to solenoid or connect RCA pilot port to pilot valve (RCA valves only).
6. Apply moderate pressure to system and check for installation leaks.
7. Fully pressurise system.
8. Test fire and listen for proper actuation and crisp pulse noise.

8. Goyen diaphragm
Model Nitrile Viton Low Temperature
CA/RCA20T K2000 K2007 NA Diaphragm kits include main and secondary diaphragm (where required) and all springs. These kits are for discontinued valves
CA/RCA25T K2501 K2503 K2504
CA/RCA35T K3500 K3501 K3502
CA/RCA40T K4000 K4007 NA
CA/RCA45T K4502 K4503 K4522
CA/RCA50/62T K5004 K5000 NA
CA/RCA76T K7600 K7601 NA
Pilot repair kit K0380 NA o-ring, armature assembly, armature spring, ferrule
Pilot repair kit K0580

9. Competitive Advantage

Our product features Our Services Guarantee:
1) Competitive price 1) Prompt respond (Reply with 24 hours)
2) Good quality 2) Free Samples (Customer pay for the delivery cost)
3) Professional Packaging 3) Registration support.
4) Produce according to Customers’ instruction 4) Photos/videos are available during production.
5) None delay shipment 5) Loading inspection, and send loading photos before shipment.



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