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JISI40 Diaphragm Valves Joil 1.5" Aluminium Pulse Solenoid Valve

1. Material: Aluminium
2. Size: 1.5 inches
  • JISI40
  • Joil

1. Product Name: JISI40 Diaphragm Valves Joil 1.5" Aluminium Pulse Solenoid Valve

2. Products shopping guide

For example: you want to purchase a batch of cylinders but you don't know which type you are really want, so you can tell me all your requirement and I'll recommend to you.

3. Characteristics

Solenoid coil has one-touch terminal blockwith easy electrical wiring.

For outdoor use, use aluminum die-castingmaterial body.

A timer controller for quick opening and closing of valve and a waterproofed, up to 180'C heat resistance coil are used.

Diaphragm is manufactured with specialnylon and synthetic rubber, so it is excelleneven in any temperature and environment.

4. Operation

Recommended  on time range: 50-500ms 

Recommended time  between pulses: 1 minute or greater

5. Suitable for

Dust collector applications, in particular for reverse pulse jet filter cleaning and its variations including bag filters, cartridge filters, envelope filters, ceramic filters, and sintered metal fibre filters.

6. Serves time

0:00 - 23:59

From Monday to Sunday

7. Drawing

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