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K4016 Goyen Manifold mount Pulse solenoid valve CA40MM RCA40MM Nitrile Diaphragm repair kit

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2. K4016 Nitrile
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1. Product Name: K4016 Goyen Manifold mount Pulse solenoid valve CA40MM RCA40MM Nitrile Diaphragm repair kit

2. Order Code: K4016

3. Description
Very high performance diaphragm valve designed to be mounted directly into the compressed air manifold. 1" and 1.5" models are supplied with outlet pipes to length specified, 3" model is supplied without outlet pipes.


4. Construction
Body and Dresser
Nuts: Diecast Aluminium
Ferrule: 304 SS
Armature: 430FR SS
Spring: 304 SS
Screws: 302 SS
Diaphragm and Seals: Nitrile or Viton
Outlet Pipe: Schedule 40 wrought steel zinc passivated
Diaphragm Seat: PA-6 (25 & 40MM standard), Nitrile coated mild steel (76MM standard), or Viton coated mild steel (all sizes)


5. Operation
Recommended on time range: 50-500ms
Recommended time between pulses: 1 minute or greater


6. Maintenance
Before conducting any maintenance activity on the system ensure that components are fully isolated from pressure and power supplies. Pressure and power should not be reapplied until the valve has been fully assembled. Diaphragm and pilot inspection should be conducted annually.


7. Installation
1. MM valves are installed through the tank, refer to the appropriate template listed above.
2. To avoid any potential operational problems it is preferable that the valves are not mounted underneath the tank where condensation may collect. All o-rings should be coated with a silicone based lubricant or similar.
3. Dresser nut seals where used are a pressure seal only, not a structural component. Do not rely on dresser seals to retain either the tanks or blowtubes. Tanks and blowtubes must be independently restrained.
4. Tighten dresser nuts to 20Nm (15 ftlbs) max.
5. Tighten pipe outlets to 20 Nm (15 ftlbs).
6. Connect to Goyen pilot valve, if remotely actuated.
7. Ensure compressed air supply is dry and free from oil and dirt.
8. Check all cleaning system components are secure before applying pressure.
9. Apply moderate pressure and check for leaks.
10.Fully pressurise system.
11.Test fire and listen for proper actuation and crisp pulse noises.

8. Pulse Jet Valve Weight
Size Integral Pilot (CA) Kg Remote Pilot (RCA) Kg
25 0.72 0.50
40 1.12 0.90
76 3.9 3.68

9. Delivery

1. If the products we have in store, we will send it out ASAP after payment.
2. If the products which were customized, we will complete the production within a specified period of time, and send it out the first time, we can promise it.
3. Also we can send by your delivery acount if you want.
4. We have a variety of ways to send goods, usually DHL, Fedex, TNL will be normal ways. If you require use of a courier, we can do it.


10. After-sale Service
We can provide a series of after-sale service, such as product introduction, mounting, debugging, technical support and so on.


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