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Optipow 135 Dust Collector Alstom V363050 V3611471 V1617803 4" Aluminium Pulse Jet Valve

1. Material: Aluminium
2. Size: 4 inches
  • Optipow 135
  • Alstom

1. Product name: Optipow 135 Dust Collector Alstom V363050 V3611471 V1617803  4" Aluminium Pulse Jet Valve

2. Opening

When cleaning is initiated the solenoid valve closes the connection (a) and opens to ambient(b) which means that volume B is evacuated. Themembrane is pressed upward(c) and the volume A is evacuated through the 2 ports at the outer side of the valve house.

The plunge is rapidly moving upwards by the pressure difference over the plunge.

The compressed air in the pressure tank is released through the pulse pipe as a pulse and further on to a row of filter bags.


Volume A is via the slot between the valve house and the plunge connected to the pressure tank i.e. there is same pressure in the volume A as in the pressure tank.

Due to the larger pressurised surface of the plunge in volume A the plunge is pressed towards the pulse pipe and sealing between the pressure tank and the pulse pipe.

The volume B is via the solenoid valve connected

to the pilot air. The area is larger on pilot air side so the pilot membrane is pressed down towards the top of the valve house and seals off the volume A from the ambient.

4. Serves time

0:00 - 23:59

From Monday to Sunday

5. Closing

The solenoid is closed to ambient and opened to the pilot air.

The pilot membrane is pressed down towards the seat.

Via the slot between the plunge and the house the pressure above the plunge will be equalised to the tank pressure and the plunge moves down to the pulse pipe and ends the cleaning pulse.

The time for a sequence (start opening to closed valve) is to some extent depending on process requirements but generally it is in the range of 100– 200 msec.

6. After-sale service

We can provide a series of after-sale service, such as product introduction, mounting, debugging, technical support and so on.


The pilot air for the solenoid is taken from the incoming tube to the pressure tank. The pipe for the pilot air is common for all valves in one tank and is connected upstream the main on- off valve of respective tank.

The pipe should have an on-off valve and a non-return valve which ensures that pressure is kept also if pressure decreases during pulsing.

Note: If a separate feeding pipe for the pilot

air is used the pressure for the pilot air should be approx equal to pressure in tank.

A too high pressure will give a remaining deformation to the membrane, which will reduce the lifetime and have a reducing effect on the function of the pulse cleaning.

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