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RCA5D2 Diaphragm Valve Control The Dust Collector Goyen Remote Jet Pilot Valve

1. RCA5D2 Goyen pilot solenoid valve
2. Voltage: DC 24V, AC 110V, AC 220V
  • RCA5D2
  • Goyen

1. Product Name: RCA5D2  Diaphragm Valve Control The Dust Collector Goyen  Remote Jet Pilot Valve

2.  Product Description

This product has been designed with a 4.76mm (3/16") orifice and under the full range of voltages, can operate all of Goyen's current main valve assemblies used in reverse pulse cleaning systems.


3. Typical Applications

This type of pilot valve must be electrically protected by a customer supplied enclosure or via Goyen's range of pilot operated solenoid enclosures. 

The pilot valve allows operation of the reverse pulse diaphragm valve from a remote position. This may be required for maintenance purposes or for electrical protection.


4. Functionality
The pilot valve has the primary role of exhausting pressurised air off the topside of a main reverse pulse diaphragm valve, in a remote mounted position.


5. Flow Performance

The pilot valve orifice: 5 mm (3/16") 

Flow Performance: .68 Cv/.58 kV


6. Pressure Rating

Maximum Working Pressure: 860 kPa (125 psi) 

Recommended Working Pressure: 760 kPa (110 psi) 

Minimum Working Pressure: 30 kPa (5 psi)

7. Temperature Rating

Working Temperature Range: -40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F)

8.  Fluid Media

Dry air or inert gas

9. Solenoid

Coil type: B2 Purple Screwed 

                B2 Purple used in conduit entry enclosures IP31 Rated 

                BR Grey DIN Connected IP65 Rated 

Insulation: Class B/130°C, self extinguishing Nylon 6

10. Pilot

Body and Ferrule retainer: Pressure Die Cast Aluminium 

Ferrule tube: 302 Stainless Steel

11. Drawing


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