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Air Source Treatment Unit

The composition of the gas source processor includes an air filter, regulator and lubricator, some brands of solenoid valves and cylinders can be realized without oil lubrication (lubricated by grease to achieve function), you do not need to use the lubricator! Filter degree usually 50-75μm, pressure range of 0.5-10Mpa, For filtration accuracy of 5-10μm, 10-20μm, 25-40μm, and the regulator is 0.05-0.3Mpa, 0.05-1Mpa Big Three ductless Components called triple pieces connected together. The Big Three are most pneumatic systems an indispensable gas supply, gas equipment installation in the vicinity, was the last to ensure the air quality. Installation order intake direction according to the Big Three were air filter, regulator and lubricator. Air filter and regulator together can be called pneumatic FRL. Also the air filter and valve assembly can be fitted together, they become a filter regulator (functional and air filters and valves used in conjunction with the same). Some situations can not allow the presence of oil mist in compressed air, we need to use oil mist separator in the compressed air mist filtered out. In short, these elements can be selected as desired, and they can be used in combination. Air filters for cleaning of the air can be filtered compressed air moisture, avoid water with the gas into the apparatus. Gas supply valve can be regulated, so that the gas source in a constant state, can reduce damage to the valve or actuator hardware such as when the air supply pressure due to mutations. Filters for cleaning of the air supply, compressed air can filter the water, avoid the water along with the gas into the apparatus. Lubricator can lubricate moving parts of the body, it can be inconvenient to add oil for lubrication of components, greatly extending the life of the body.


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