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BL2000 Airtac precision BR series automatic Air source 1/4 inch Aluminum Preparation unit group Lubricator

1. Fluid: Air
2. Pressure range: 0.05~1.0MPa(7~145Psi)
3. Temperature range: ﹣5~70℃(unfreeze)
  • BL2000
  • Airtac

1. Product name: BL2000 Airtac precision BR series automatic Air source 1/4" Aluminum Preparation unit group Lubricator

2. Drawing

AL series

3. Product feature

1. The structure is delicate and compact.
2. The quantity of oil dripping can be directly observed through transparent inspection sheet.
3. BL has high-strength plastic shields, which is more safe and reliable to use.4. The pressure loss and the flow of miststart is low.

4. Order code

Order code

5. Other products

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AF2000 AR2000 AL2000 AFR2000 AFC2000 AC2000
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6. Product show


7. Specification

Model AL1500 AL2000 BL2000 BL3000 BL4000
Fluid Air
Port size 1/8" 1/4" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2"
Pressure range 0.05~1.0MPa(7~145Psi)
Proof pressure 1.5MPa(215Psi)
Temperature range 5~70(unfreeze)
Capacity of oil bowl 25CC 90CC
Recommend lubricant ISO VG 32 or equivalent
Weight 170g 250g

8. After-sale service

We can provide a series of after-sale service, such as product introduction, mounting, debugging, technical support and so on.

9. Inner structure

Inner structure

No. Item Material No. Item Material
1 Drip pipe PC 13 Ball Stainless steel
2 Dripper O-ring NBR 14 Lubricator fixed plate SPCC
3 Oil adjusting dial POM 15 Oil bowl O-ring NBR
4 Adjusting ring NBR 16 Body Aluminum alloy
5 Lubricator seat POM 17 Oil filling nut O-ring NBR
6 Partition PU 18 Oil filling plug Steel
7 Lubricator kit gasket NBR 19 Needle spring Stainless steel
8 Adjustor HDPE 20 Injector pin Bronze
9 Return spring Stainless steel 21 Check-dome PC
10 Oil bowl PC 22 Bowl guard switch POM
11 Sunk tube PU 23 Bowl guard PA6
12 Lubricator kit POM



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