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GFR300-08 GFR300-10 GFR300-15 automatic air Airtac precision GFR series Aluminum alloy Filter Regulator

1. Fluid: Air
2. Filtering grade: 40μm or 5μm
3. Pressure range: Semi-auto and automatic drain: 0.15~0.9Mpa Manual drain: 0.05~0.9Mpa
  • GFR300-08 GFR300-10 GFR300-15

1. Product name: GFR300-08 GFR300-10 GFR300-15 automatic air Airtac precision GFR series Aluminum alloy Filter Regulator

2. Product show


3. Product feature

1. Embedded square pressure guage is used to save installation space. (External circular pressure gauge is also optional).

2. The pressed-in self-locking mechanism can prevent the abnormal movement of the set pressure caused bu external interfere.

3. Balanced design is adopted for the pressure adjustment mechanism.

4. In addition to standard type, lower pressure type is optional (The highest adjustable pressure is 0.4MPa)

5. Unique diversion structure spins the air flowing through to effectively sparete the liquid from the air and reliabily filter the solid grain.

6. The filtering grade includes 5 μm and 40 μm (optional).

7. Three drain types are available: manual drain, semi-auto drain and automatic drain.

8. The bracket can be selected for installation.

4. Inner structure and Material of major parts

Inner structure and material of major parts

No. Item Material
1 Drain bowl Aluminum alloy(GFR600)/PC(others)
2 Umbrella baffle High viscosity POM
3 Filter core 40μm Agglomerated by brass grain
5μm Makrolon fiber
4 Air guider High viscosity POM
5 O-ring NBR
6 Body of filter-regulator Aluminum alloy
7 Adjusting spool Brass(GFR600)/POM(others)
8 O-ring NBR
9 Diaphragm SUS304&Rubber
10 Fixation ring cap Aluminum alloy(GFR600)/POM(others)
11 Adjusting spindle Steel
12 Regulator nut Steel
13 Pressure knob POM
14 Spring SWC
15 Adjusting seat Aluminum alloy(GFR600)/POM(others)
16 Feedback tube POM
17 Adjusting plug Brass & Rubber
18 O-ring NBR
19 Spring SUS304
20 Liquid meter cover SPCC
21 Liquid meter seal VITON
22 Liquid meter inside PC

5. Order code

Order code

6. Drawing

Drawing GFR200

7. Other products

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8. Products shopping guide

For example: you want to purchase a batch of cylinders but you don't know which type you are really want, so you can tell me all your requirement and I'll recommend to you.

9. Specification

Model GFR200-06 GFR200-08 GFR300-08 GFR300-10 GFR300-15
Fluid Air
Port Size PT1/8 PT1/4 PT1/4 PT3/8 PT1/2
Filtering grade 40μm or 5μm
Pressure range Semi-auto and automatic drain: 0.15~0.9 Mpa
Manual drain: 0.05~0.9 Mpa
Max. pressure 1.0 Mpa
Proof pressure 1.5 Mpa
Temperature range -5~70
Capacity of drain bowl 10CC 40CC
Weight 220g 500g

10. Selection of drain mode

Selection of drain mode



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