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KHB-G1/2 KHB-G1 Hydac KHB/KHM series High pressure Ball valve DN 16

KHB/KHM series high pressure ball valve the working pressure 500bar, working temperature -10~ 80 ℃
  • KHB-G1/8 G1/4 G3/8 G1/2 G1
  • Hydac
  • 0052
  • Steel
  • Optional
  • -10 °C to +80 °C
  • up to PN 500 bar
  • Optional
1. Product Name: KHB-G1/2 KHB-G1 Hydac KHB/KHM series High pressure Ball valve DN 16

2. Order Code
order code
3. Specifications

Construction Block-type KHB DN 04 - 25
Sleeve-type KHM DN 32 - 50
Types of connection Light and heavy threaded pipe connection to DIN 2353
Whitworth female thread to ISO 228
Mounting position Optional
Ambient temperature -10  to +80 B13℃
Nominal pressure up to PN 500 bar
Operating fluids Mineral oil to DIN 51524 Part 1 and Part 2 (other fluids on request)
Temperature of operating fluid -10 °C to +80 °C
Type of construction Shut-off device is a ball
Flow direction Optional
Spare parts Seal kits available on request
Accessories All ball valves can be supplied with the following
options: Actuator Limit controls Lock
4. Description
The HYDAC family of dependable high pressure ball valves provides full, unrestricted flow and positive shut-off of fluids and gases under extreme service conditions. Models are available to accommodate system pressures up to 7,250 PSI. Since a variety of materials are available, HYDAC valves can be used with various fluids and gases including petroleum based oils and some water glycols.
5. Structure and dimension
Structure and dimension

Type DN LW RA d1 i L L1 B H h1 h2 h3 SW1 SW2 Wt. kg press. bar
KHB-G1/8 4 8 - G1/8 10 69 37 26 44 13 32 7 9 22 0.29 500
KHB-G1/4 6 8 - G1/4 14 69 37 26 44 13 32 7 9 22 0.32 500
KHB-G3/8 10 10 - G3/8 14 69 42 32 53 17 40 8.5 9 27 0.46 500
KHB-G1/2 16 15 - G1/2 16 83 47 38 62 19 45 11 12 32 0.7 400
KHB-G3/4 20 20 - G3/4 18 95 60 48 75 24.5 57 11.6 14 41 1.3 315
KHB-G1 25/32 25 - G1 20.5 113 65 57 82 28.5 64 11.6 14 50 2.03 315
6. Product Features
1. Full passage for unrestricted flow of medium
2. Fluoroelastomer O-rings (standard)
3. Direction of flow indicated by milled slot in control spindle
4. Valve positioning controlled by a stop pin and limit washer
5. Floating ball provides positive seal
6. Phosphate coated carbon steel valve body (standard)
7. Available Options
HYDAC can furnish ball valves with special options including:
1. Locking devices
2. Stainless steel valve bodies
3. Pneumatic or electrical actuators
4. Limit switch
5. Off-set or straight control handles
6. Custom solutions - Contact HYDAC
8. Valve Design
The design of HYDAC ball valves is based on the “floating ball” principle which allows the ball to turn freely between the ball seals. A positive seal is attained by fluid pressure acting on the upstream surface of the ball and producing a constant uniform contact between the downstream ball seal and the ball. The ball is operated by a sealed spindle with a projecting square end to which the control handle or optional actuator is attached. Ball valves are intended to be used as on/off flow control devices and are not to be used to throttle fluid flow. The valves should always be either fully open or closed.
9. Delivery
1. If the products we have in store, we will send it out ASAP after payment.
2. Also we can send by your delivery acount if you want.
3. If the products which were customized, we will complete the production within a specified period of time, and send it out the first time, we can promise it.
4. We have a variety of ways to send goods, usually DHL, Fedex, TNL will be normal ways. If you require use of a courier, we can do it.
10. Quality Standards
The company for the products are brand new original products, no second-hand and refurbished products, or leave a compensable ten and return the full amount, but the buyer due to our purchase of model error is not responsible for returns, another of the company's sales of products enjoy one year from the date of shipment quality assurance, according to the original quality standards, during warranty with product problems, need confirmation testing by the manufacturer, the supplier to be solved, the demand side due to storage, use, poor maintenance caused by lower-quality product, and not raise objections.
11. After-sale Service
We can provide a series of after-sale service, such as product introduction, mounting, debugging, technical support and so on.


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