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Q22HD-15 Pipe Valve PTFE Seals 2/2 Q22HD Series 1/2 inch Pipe Brass Actuator Control Valve

Size: 1/2 inch
  • Q22HD-15
  • Pipe valve

1. Product name: Q22HD-15 Pipe Valve PTFE Seals 2/2 Q22HD Series 1/2 inch Pipe Brass Actuator Control Valve

2. Characteristic

· Control with just one two-position three-way valve

· Explosion-proof design for special environments

· Large flow, suitable for all kinds of gas and liquid circulation

· Low starting pressure and good closing sensitivity

3. Size

Type A B C D H M
Q22HD-15 46 26 30 G1/2" 96 G1/8"
Q22HD-20 54 32 37 G3/4" 107 G1/8"
Q22HD-25 66 34 37 G1" 118 G1/8"
Q22HD-40 80 53 65 G1-1/2" 162 G1/8"
Q22HD-50 105 66 78 G1/8" 180 G1/4"

4. Performance parameters

Type Circulation path Media Work pressure Control pressure Temperature range Kv(m³/k)
Q22HD-15 13mm Air,oil,water 0-0.8MPa 0.4-0.8MPa 0.5-60℃
Q22HD-20 16mm 5
Q22HD-25 22mm 10
Q22HD-40 35mm 25
Q22HD-50 45mm 40

5. Description

This product is actually a combination of a single-acting cylinder and a fluid copper valve body. Various internal accessories are made of waterproof material. This product can be widely used in food, washing, petrochemical, metallurgy, spraying, vehicles and other mechanical equipment. In addition, it can be customized for customers according to their needs. For example, products with special requirements such as high temperature resistance and strong acid resistance can also be produced by our company.

Our company has also studied the products of other manufacturers and found that other manufacturers are either very expensive or cut corners. For example, the company found that many domestic manufacturers use rubber vulcanized parts as sealing materials. There is also a company that changed the place of copper to aluminum. These are extremely unprofessional, although it can be used for a short period of time, but it is almost impossible to guarantee quality for a long time.

6. Product show


7. Quality Standards

The company for the products are brand new original products, no second-hand and refurbished products, or leave a compensable ten and return the full amount, but the buyer due to our purchase of model error is not responsible for returns, another of the company's sales of products enjoy one year from the date of shipment quality assurance, according to the original quality standards, during warranty with product problems, need confirmation testing by the manufacturer, the supplier to be solved, the demand side due to storage, use, poor maintenance caused by lower-quality product, and not raise objections.



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