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SMC Series Precision Regulator IR1000-01BG Air source treatment

1. Port size: Rc1/8
2. Ambient and fluid temperature: -5 to 60oC (No freezing)
  • SMC IR1010-01BG

  • SMC

  • 0087

  • Compressed air (dry air)

  • MAX. 1.0MPa

  • Setting pressure + 0.05MPa

  • Rc1/8

1. Product Name: SMC Series Precision Regulator IR1000-01BG Air source treatment

2. Order Code
order code

(Note 1) In the standard mounting position, the product name plate is attached to the front and the bracket is mounted to the back when viewed with the SUP side on the left and OUT side on the right.
(Note 2) Accuracy: ±3%F.S.(full span) Accuracy guarantee temperature range : 23±5%
(Note 3) The pressure gauge is not attached and becomes bundled shipment.
(Note 4) One type only.

3. Foreword
The IR1000 precision regulator (hereinafter referred to as the “product”) has excellent relief characteristics, and is constructed to always keep a constant pressure even if used with a reverse flow. The product has the following features.
1. A sensitivity of 0.2%F.S. at max is achieved by the nozzle and flapper design. “F.S.” is the abbreviation of full span.
2. Various characteristics such as flow rate, pressure characteristics and repeatability are improved compared to general regulators.
3. Relief characteristics are improved.
4. The adjustment range is as wide as general regulators, which is 0.01~0.8MPa. (IR1000 is 0.005MPa~)
4. Specifications
Model IR1000 IR1010 IR1020
Fluid Compressed air (dry air)
Max. supply pressure MAX. 1.0MPa
Min. supply pressure(1) Setting pressure + 0.05MPa
Setting pressure(2) 0.005~0.2MPa 0.01~0.4MPa 0.01~0.8MPa
Setting sensitivity(3) Within 0.2% F.S.(4)
Repeatability(5) Within  0.5% F.S.(4)
Air consumption(6) 4.4L/min(ANR) or less (at supply pressure of 1.0MPa)
Ambient and fluid temperature -5 to 60℃ (No freezing)
Port size Rc1/8
Port size of pressure gauge Rc1/8 [2 places]
Weight 0.14kg
(Note1) Minimum supply pressure: At a downstream side flow rate of zero. Be sure to keep the minimum supply pressure. (setting pressure+0.05MPa)
(Note2) Setting pressure: At a downstream side flow rate of zero.
(Note3) Setting sensitivity: This is the minimum pressure range that the downstream pressure is adjustable by conducting fine adjustment of the setting knob on the downstream side of the precision regulator.
(Note4) The F.S. means the condition at the maximum setting pressure of the product.
(Note5) Repeatability: This is the reproducibility of the downstream pressure at every operation (ON/OFF) on the downstream side. The repeatability does not consider the influence of pressure variation due to aging deterioration, temperature change or oscillation of the regulator. The aging deterioration means that the downstream pressure varies gradually affected by change or distortion due to aging of the internal components of the precision regulator.
(Note 6) Air consumption: This is the combined flow to atmosphere of the bleed and exhaust ports; when the supply pressure is 1.0 MPa and the downstream setting pressure is 0.8 MPa (maximum setting pressure). It does not include any flow for the relief of downstream pressure increases due to back pressure or downstream pressure decreases due to a change of the adjustment of the setting knob.

5. Constructions

6. Operating environment
1. Do not use in an environment where corrosive gases, chemicals, sea water, water or steam are present.
2. Do not operate in a location subject to vibration or impact. It may cause malfunction.
3. The product should not be exposed to prolonged sunlight. If used in direct sunlight, install a protective cover.
4. Do not use in a place where there are heat sources around the product and it can receive radiant heat.
5. Employ suitable protective measures in locations where there is contact with water drop-lets, oil or welding spatter, etc.
7. Operation
(1) Do not use a precision regulator outside the range of its specifications as this can cause failure.
(2) Screw a panel nut with the recommended proper torque 12.5Nm when mounting onto a panel. Looseness or faulty sealing will occur if tightening torque is insufficient, while thread damage will result if the torque is excessive.
(3) If a directional switching valve (solenoid valve, mechanical valve, etc.) is mounted on the supply side of the regulator and repeatedly switched ON and OFF, wear of the nozzle/flapper section will be accelerated and a discrepancy in the setting value may occur. Therefore avoid using a directional switching valve on the supply side. In the event a directional switching valve will be used, install it on the output side of the regulator.
(4) The accessory pressure gauge is supplied with the regulator in the unassembled status. Before using the regulator, be sure to install the pressure gauge at the gauge port of the regulator. At this time, the recommended tightening torque of the pressure gauge is 7 to
(5) Air is normally released from the bleed hole (the two hole on the side of the body’s mid-section). This is a necessary consumption of air based on the construction of the precision regulator, and is not an abnormality.
(6) Make sure to tighten the lock nut after pressure adjustment.
(7) There may be oscillation of the set pressure or noise depending on the pressure conditions, piping conditions and ambient environment. In this case, it is possible to improve the problem by changing the pressure conditions and piping conditions. If the problem is not improved, contact your SMC sales representative.
(8) After supplying pressure from the upstream side or adjusting the set pressure, the set pressure may vary gradually over time due to changes in the internal components. If the variation in the set pressure becomes large, adjust the set pressure again by adjusting the setting knob.
(9) Changes in the ambient temperature or fluid temperature may result in changing the set pressure. If this occurs, stabilize the ambient temperature and fluid temperature properly.


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