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SYKL-89 Dust Collector 3 Inches SYKL Aluminium Pulse Solenoid Valve

1. Material: Aluminium
2. Size: 3 inches
  • SYKL-89
  • SYKL

1. Product name: SYKL-89 Dust Collector 3 Inches Huaneng Aluminium Pulse Solenoid Valve

2. Drawing


Model Caliber φ1 φ2 φ3 φ4 φ5 H1 H2 H3 N Weight/kg
mm inches
SYKL-Y89 80 3 85f8 88.5 158 176 200 142 20.5±1 25 8-M10 2.8


Used outside of bag-type duster sack-duster’s blowing and cleaning ash.Adopte this kind of structure that submerge in the air porket..Compare to other structure,reduce resistance in interval   channel and pressure of blowing supplier.So it adapt siuation of low pressure,reduce energy consumption and prolong membrance patch using.

4. Produce Structure

Tract: Valve’s crust and close over is made of aluminum alloy that’sformed by pressing die,good appearance、heavy intensity,no gas leak.Structure of connection of two back pressing air of interval channel of valve is reasonable.this design make “ubmerged-type”true due to opening and closing face of valve locate in air pocket.Air from pocket can come in blowing cannulation straightly.It accord request with low air pressure and big quantity of blowing.

Electromagnetically operated valve:Control pulse valve by remoting.With trube base coil and DIN electrical outlet,conwiniet inner setting or outer setting,waterproof and dustproof for protect.Upto JB/t5916-91 standard.

Membrane patch:Adopt dish-type,and big moving.Valve can be opened in 0.08-0.1 second.You can choice synthetic rubber membrane patch made of import materials in frigid climate.Membrane patch can be longest used when working temperature is from -40℃ to -55℃.

5. Product show


6. Samples

You can send a sample to customize the products, we have many engineers can help it; If you want a product of mine, but you are not sure if it's what you want, so you can ask for a sample from me, it will be free.



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